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Annie B's

Beary Good Huckleberry Chocolates and Caramels

Proudly Handmade in Montana USA

Marion, Montana



Made fresh per order using the finest Ambrosia

Chocolate and Montana Huckleberries

Can you recall the last time a flavor sensation hit your taste buds that filled your senses with pleasure and left you wanting more?

 Annie B has captured that sensation in her Beary Good Handmade Chocolates.  

It all began when Annie B created the fresh flavor of the Montana Huckleberry in her first recipe. The demand was so great people began to request more flavors. Her delectable collection now includes Montana Huckleberry, Flathead Sour Cherry, Big Sky Caramels and Glacier Sea-Salt Caramels available to suit your palate in either milk or dark chocolate. The huckleberry and sour cherry flavors are filled with juice and pieces of fruit, not just fondant.  The caramels are soft and creamy and guaranteed to not pull your teeth out.   Each candy, using only the finest Ambrosia Chocolate, is hand made fresh per order by Annie B herself.

One size doesn’t fit all.  Annie B offers 2 sizes, one dozen or two dozen, along with a 2 dozen size sampler box with 6 of each 4 flavors.   You can even mix and match your order.



Montana Huckleberry    Cluster  Flathead Sour Cherry

 Sea Salt Caramel  Big Sky Caramel

Montana Huckleberry - $23.00 per dozen

Flathead Sour Cherry - $23.00 per dozen

Big Sky Vanilla Caramel - $20.00 per dozen

Sea Salt Caramel - $22.00 per dozen

Holidays are around the corner. The perfect gift for family, friends or co-workers.  Call now to place your order before the rush and give the gift of a luxurious and unique chocolate experience.  Montana flavor that will leave a lasting impression.   

All orders are plus shipping.  I use only USPS Priority Mail for maximum care and speed.

For more information and to order, please contact me at



Email:  anniebschocolates@centurytel.net