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Collectible Olde World Santa DollsCollectible Olde World Santa DollsCollectible Olde World Santa DollsMerry ChristmasSigned, numbered and datedHandcrafted

Heirloom Olde World Santas



Elegant Olde World Santas are my newest addition.  My 26 inch Santa dolls begin as liquid porcelain slip which is poured into a mold.  The process includes many cleanings and kiln firings during which color is applied to create the glow from inside.  The doll is then assembled and dressed and all clothes are handmade by me, aka Annie B.  This labor of love takes approximately 40 hours start to finish. 

The cloth body of each porcelain Olde World Santa is signed, numbered and dated in sequence of completion.  The dolls are made individually and no two are exactly alike.  These Olde World Santa dolls are the perfect heirloom gift to start your own family tradition.


My custom santas offer you the unique opportunity to have a hand in the creation of your own design.  I use only luxury fabrics such as ultra suede, velveteen, velvet, satin, some designer upholstery fabrics if not too heavy and anything else that catches my eye.  These fabrics come in almost all basic colors.  At this time, the clothing styles (themes) available are those shown on both this page and the Santa Gallery.  So, if you would like a Santa created in your choice of fabrics and colors or if you would like to preserve your grandmother's wedding dress or old fur, please contact me to discuss your preferences.  Your approval must be authorized in writing or by email before I will begin at which point a 40% deposit will be required.  Final cost will be determined by costs and labor of finished doll.  

I will accept a limited number of custom orders and all orders must be received before the end of September for guaranteed delivery by Christmas.  Please contact me for pricing.  

I'm looking forward to working with you on your custom designed Santa.

Annie B





Regal Santa #006 - $650.00  (Sleigh & contents not included in price)Merry Christmas



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This royal blue and white Santa is number 006.  He wears a white windsor satin shirt with ruffled cuffs and royal blue Madonna velvet pants that meet the top of his black patent faux leather boots with stacked leather heel.  Around his waist is a white linen fringed sash with gold button.

His cloak is made of royal blue Madonna velvet lined with flirt blue Cloud 9 Jacquard and trimmed with Norwegian Silver Fox faux fur.

Santa's hair and beard is tibetan lambswool; his blue Paperweight eyes are 100% glass and he has both upper and lower lashes.  He carries a stem of gold berries in one hand and a gift pick in the other.  He is securely mounted onto a walnut base. 

Price does not include sleigh or contents of sleigh.  



Quantity:  1

Item No. 006

Price $650.00

Father Frost #010 - $810.00      Merry Christmas       



This all white Santa wears a pin-tucked white satin shirt with ruffled cuffs and a white velvet skirt finished with a white tasseled belt.  Beneath his skirt are white satin pantaloons.  

His cloak is made of white ultra suede lined with white glitter satin and trimmed with white faux pelted mink.  His glove soft white leather lace-up boots are custom designed and trimmed with the same trim as adorns his cloak.



Quantity:  1

Item No. 010

Price $810.00




Dianne, aka Annie B, is talented in the art of Santa doll making.  Over the years, as a custom picture framer, she has framed my embroidery work, art prints and preserved my documents.  Her interest since has advanced to porcelain dolls and Santas.  I asked if she could make two Santas to compliment my cross-stitched Olde English Santa Afghan.  When I saw the first one, I was so pleased I ordered two more.

Annie tirelessly researched molds, materials and accessories.  The Santas are totally hand made from head to toe, to the last tuck and stitch.  The projects have each been finished before expected.  She is an exact, meticulous and effectual worker.  I have always been very satisfied with all she has ever done for me.  Again, Annie is a very talented lady when using a needle, thread and sewing machine.

Joann S, Killdeer, ND


Dianne artfully displays her gift in this Old World Santa. Flawless detail of handmade clothing, yes, all of it is hand sewn with love. The clothing is so well made you could wear it if you were 26 inches tall.  This is a treasured piece to be passed from generation to generation.

Tami C, Oklahoma City, OK

My Tuscan Santa is a treasured piece in my home. Everyone who sees it is in awe of the detail of the fine porcelain painting and the fine details that Dianne puts into each and every Santa. From the pleated shirt front to the hand sewn boots. You don't find craftsmanship like this any more. She really loves on each and every Santa until they develop their own personality and they are perfect.

Jami A, Roseville, CA



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